We procure a broad range of materials and services for our business and  we often work alongside suppliers as partners to improve the technology and services that contribute to the success of our projects. To ensure the right processes are followed for procuring these services, the following guidelines must be adhered to.

Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions

HyCC is part of Nobian Industrial Chemicals B.V. and all of our business partners need to adhere to the Nobian Business Partner Code of Conduct, which sets out expectations for suppliers regarding:

- Compliance with laws and regulations
- Safety
- Standards for ethical and responsible business - conduct
- Treatment of people and fundamental human rights
- Exclusion of conflict minerals
- Fraud prevention
- Support for Nobian’s efforts to operate sustainably

HyCC only does business with suppliers sharing and supporting our standards and all are required to comply with the Business Partner Code of Conduct. 

This requirement is also included in our Terms & Conditions.

Purchase orders

A Purchase Order (PO) is mandatory when invoicing any goods or services delivered to HyCC and we cannot pay invoices that do not inlcude a valid PO number. Therefore, always ask your HyCC contact for a purchase order number before commencing any work or delivering any goods. 

Ariba system

HyCC uses the SAP Ariba environment of Nouryon. This gives all suppliers online visibility of all documents in your account such as POs, Service Entry Sheets, Order Confirmation, and Invoices, helping to reduce your administrative overhead.

For more extended information, read the Ariba Registration Information or visit the Nouryon Ariba Supplier Portal.