Vision & Mission

Our vision is to enable the full decarbonization of industry and the transition to a truly circular economy. We do this by supplying safe, reliable and affordable green hydrogen supplies and circular chemistry solutions.


The HyWay to Success 

Our daily decisions and work are guided by the four core values of HyCC, or what we call 'the HyWay to succes'. 


We are optimistic about a sustainable 
future and realistic about the work required to get there

We strongly believe in our vision for a sustainable, circular economy and we fully realize that we will have to solve many challenges to make this a reality. That’s why we bring drive 
& determination and dare to think big and act now. 



We demonstrate leadership in safety

The safety of the hydrogen industry affects us all. We apply our professional knowledge and experience to pro-actively address HSSE in our own company as well as with suppliers, customers and other partners. 



We build long-term partnerships to drive new solutions together

The energy transition is a team effort requiring new ways of working. We don’t wait for change but actively drive the transition together with our  colleagues, suppliers, customers, and society at large.



We welcome different views and trust each other to make the right decisions

Combining innovation and speed asks for many ideas and clear choices. That is why are inclusive when gathering input and decisive in implementation.