Project H2era in Amsterdam is one of Europe’s largest green hydrogen projects and a major step forward in the development of the regional hydrogen economy to help decarbonize industry and mobility.

Sustainable industry

H2era is a planned 500 megawatt green hydrogen plant in the Port of Amsterdam, to be realized by HyCC in 2027. Located right next to important industries and in between the Netherlands’ biggest airport and only steel factory, H2era will be in the heart of the region’s energy transition.

Discussions are underway with various parties to use the hydrogen for the decarbonization of industries in the region. In addition, the hydrogen can be used for green mobility in cases where electricity is not practical, such as shipping or heavy transport. 

The new plant will also be connected to the national pipeline network to enable exchange of hydrogen between industrial clusters in the Netherlands.

Flexible operations

H2era will produce green hydrogen and oxygen from water and renewable electricity in a process called electrolysis. The plant will be directly connected to the high voltage networks which bring in electricity from the nearby coast, minimizing electricity transport losses and the need for additional infrastructure.  

In addition, the plant will use flexible operations to automatically adjust production levels to power supplies: producing more when there is a lot of wind and ramping down production when there is no wind. This way, H2era can help balance the grid, allowing the addition of more renewable power.



Simon Glazenborg
Senior Business Developer

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