H2-Fifty will be a cornerstone of the hydrogen vision of the Port of Rotterdam and provide the next step in BP's journey in sustainability.

Reduced emissions

With a capacity of 250 megawatt, H2-Fifty will produce up to 45.000 tons of green hydrogen from renewable energy and water. The hydrogen will be used in BP’s largest European refinery for desulphurization, replacing the ‘grey hydrogen’ made from fossil fuels that is currently used in this process to save up to 350.000 tons of CO2 per year.

Green hydrogen hub

H2-Fifty will be an important centerpiece in the development of a hydrogen hub at the Port of Rotterdam to fuel further sustainable development in the industrial zone. Large-scale electrolyzers will be connected to offshore wind farms at the Port’s ‘conversion park’, after which the hydrogen will be distributed to industries throughout the Port area via a central pipeline called the hydrogen backbone. Together, the projects will save millions of tons of CO2 in one of Europe’s largest port areas. 


Due to its importance for the development of hydrogen technology and reduction of CO2 emissions, the H2-Fifty project is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (Topsector Energiesubsidie).


Martijn van Loon
Senior Business Developer 


Download the H2-Fifty factsheet (pdf)

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