H2ermes will be an industrial scale facility to help decarbonize Tata Steel's production and provide green hydrogen for the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

HyCC will establish a 100 megawatt facility in IJmuiden, near Amsterdam, to produce up to 15,500 tonnes of green hydrogen per year as well as oxygen. The plant will be situated adjacent to a planned landing point for the wind farms 'Hollandse Kust', with a total capacity of 2.1 gigawatt.

Sustainable steel production

The oxygen and green hydrogen will be used by Tata Steel to decarbonize their steel production replacing coal and natural gas in their production process. The hydrogen can also be used to produce new raw materials from the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide residues of steel production. 

A green future for the region 

The project will act as a catalyst for sustainable development in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Tata Steel is unique in its ability to reduce its own green hydrogen offtake when needed, to make it available for regional use.

Therefore, the Port of Amsterdam will work with Gasunie to provide infrastructure for further distribution of green hydrogen. This allows industries, transport companies and developers in the area to benefit from the project and build a more circular economy. 


Due to its importance for the development of hydrogen technology and for the reduction of CO2 emissions, the project is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (Topsector Energiesubsidie).


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Simon Glazenborg
Senior Business Developer 

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